Hours of fun and learning for children aged 3 - 5.

Welcome to Preschool Playmat - where your child can enjoy learning through play!

Preschool Playmat is an enjoyable and interactive way for your child to be entertained while learning!

Some of the skills they will practice are: matching pairs, number and letter recognition, counting, prepositions, sorting, short and long term memory, associations and much much more!

The graphics are colorful and inviting with audio clips that will make your child feel like they are in the scene!

Choose between 4 different mini-games:

  • Memory: Memorizing animal pairs in a classic farm animal memory card game. Your child will be presented with six game cards placed face down. Flip the cards and match the animals to make pairs.
  • Shapes: Matching animal shapes with silhouettes. Your child will compare images of various animals to a silhouette shape of one of those animals. Drag and drop the correct animal over the silhouette shape that matches.
  • Animal Search: Search for animals displayed in a scene. Your child will be shown an animal to search for within a scene of animals. Simply tap the correct image that matches.
  • NEW UPDATE VERSION 1.1 - Counting Animals: Count the number of animals on the screen. Your child will place a specific number of animals on the screen into an animal pen. Each animal they place will be accompanied by audio and visual cues for the number of total animals placed. Simply place enough animals in the pen to complete the activity.
  • More to come!

Great features to help your child learn and grow:

  • Fully voiced instructions and encouragement
  • Simple, text-free interface for self-directed play
  • Featuring original, family-friendly music
  • Frequent updates - constantly evolving and growing gameplay to make sure your child will always have new themes to discover and new activities learn!